Dear Phyllis, I love what you are doing and your Angels are truly beautiful.  In a few weeks an anonymous donor is about to change my life in a very big way.  This person is a complete stranger to me, one in which I will never have the opportunity to meet or thank in person.  My nurse, however, has informed me that on the day of the transfer I am allowed to give this person a thank you gift if I wish to.  Well, do I!! So over the last few weeks I have been in search for the perfect gift.  This gift needs to say so much.  It is to represent everything that is in my heart for this person and the biggest thank you ever.  Up until now I have had no luck.  Nothing I have found has been that special.  Then I found your Angelheart website. I went on to read your amazing story and why you started selling Angelhearts.  I purchased 2 of your Angels.  One will go this very special person and the second is not for a friend, but rather for myself.  I will wear it as a reminder of the new Angel I have in my life.  I want to thank you for sharing your story, for making a difference in peoples lives, and for your precious Angels.   You and you Angels have enabled me to express to this person what I think of them, and how much what that person did for me has meant to myself and to my family.  To me, Angels really do exist.  Thank you for everything.

– J

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