I was the only child. My mother was only 18 when I was born. She was only 43 when she died. She is with me always now. When I met Phyllis at NCTD, I had a feeling she was special. This is how I know the Lord is With Me Always, I get a feeling, a knowing, a confirmation. When my mother passed over, it was a joyous time, as I knew she would be With Me Always. Phyllis listened to her heart talk and acted on the advice Spirit gave her which was to tell her story. The Storybook and Angelheart pendants are reminders that our loved ones are With Us Always, their love is planted deep in our hearts. They are intended to bring joy when there is grief. Understanding when there is worry. Comfort for those who no longer have our loved ones here on Earth. Even though their body is gone, their spirit is With Me Always!!  

Lori H.

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