Would you like to partner with us and help raise funds for your cause?  Please send an email to and include the name of your organization, a contact name and phone number.  We will call you to discuss ways that we can work together.

LifeSharing is committed to the life-saving and life-enhancing efforts of transplantation. We strive to be the leader in organ and tissue donation through education, collaboration, and the provision of quality service.

Our mission is to inspire people through education and outreach to preserve the Agua  Hedionda Lagoon as an accessible and healthy watershed.

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation Supporting families whose children suffer with life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders.

Kids for Peace Global Join over 14 million children around the world and make this pledge!

I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way.
I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.
I pledge to care for our earth with my healing heart and hands.
I pledge to respect people in each and every land.
I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create PEACE for one and all.

Partnership Opportunities

If your organization would like to become a partner, please visit the partner page to apply or give us a call to discuss.

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