Nana’s Angelheart Story

Dear Friends,

From the time that two grand daughters were just toddlers they have marveled over my Angelheart necklace. They used to play with the angels hanging on my chain ever so gently and learned the colors of each stone that represented my family. Over the years we’ve shared some sweet conversations about angels and the love we carry in our hearts…

Both girls kept asking for an Angelheart necklace of their own. I told them when they were a little older and knew how to take care of fine jewelry I would get them one. I wanted to wait for that special moment to explain the meaning behind the Angelheart design.

That special day finally arrived, but the girls are only 5 and 7 years old so their mom and I agreed she should keep them in her jewelry box. I had scheduled a professional photo session that included a picture with me reading With Me Always to my grand girls. I wanted them to be wearing white dresses and an Angelheart necklace. Prior to the session, I went to their house to surprise them with their necklaces.

I sat with the girls and opened the With Me Always storybook to the page where Angelheart (a little boy) explains to his parents about the symbol of love that he is giving to them. Then, I told the girls that they also have a guardian angel and that their angel’s love, and my love too, was always with them. I went on to explain about how precious family love is, and that even when you can’t touch one another you can feel his or her love in your heart. I used their grandparents who live in Switzerland and grandpa in heaven as an example. After this special moment, I gave each grand daughter an Angelheart necklace set with my birthstone. I told them to wear it whenever they missed me and to remember that my love was inside their heart!

I was delighted at their response. However, a few days later their mother wasn’t quite so pleased when my grand daughter insisted that her mother quit digging up dirt in yard because she wanted her Angelheart necklace. She said, “Mom, I just want to feel Nana’s love right now!”

What a great reminder of my love. I know now that my grand girls understood its symbolic message. Angelhearts speak to the hearts of mothers, grand mothers, daughters, grand daughters, women and girls of all ages. Share and wear the Angelheart Symbol of Love.

Blessings of love to you,

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