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Love Still Grows and Sweetens Poem

Love Still Grows and Sweetens Poem


Written by Phyllis Hall, this poem came to her the middle of the night a few years after her sons died.  The poem came to her as a “song” in her heart.  The words were so meaningful that she woke up and wrote them down.  The song version of Love Still Grows and Sweetens is also available, and both are intended for parents who have lost a child.

Read the full poem below.

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    Love Still Grows and Sweetens

    I still know your heart, my child,
    I still feel you near
    I still hear your voice, so soft,
    Through the depths of love, my dear

    Love is what you took with you
    And love is what we keep
    And love still grows and sweetens,
    Even through the tears I weep

    You say, “Love’s even greater,”
    Far beyond my love for you
    You laid me at God’s feet, my child,
    What a gift, my spirit true!

    I still feel your presence
    And I still see your face,
    I will listen, oh so closely,
    So our hearts can still embrace

    I will go on living
    And do what God wants me to
    But anyone who knows me,
    Through me, will love you too

    My heart I will keep open
    So I can hear your voice,
    I’ve changed my way of loving you
    Because I have no choice

    Home is where the heart is,
    So home is where you are
    My love’s with you in the skies of blue,
    Beyond the farthest star!

    © 1998 Phyllis Hall