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Cheri R

Dear Phyllis, Thank you so much for writing your book “With Me Always”. I am deeply touched by the tenderness the story evokes. I turn to it repeatedly for the kindness and comfort that shines through it. I cherish your personal note so full of love. It’s a big hug on paper! A big hug back! Love, Cheri R

I bought With Me Always for my mother who still grieves after 70 years. – Kathy K

I bought With Me Always to pass on to a dear friend, and her small children, that just lost her husband. – Anonymous

This was a perfect gift for my dear grandson, Isaiah, who lost his father before he was born. – Anonymous

I bought With Me Always for a new mother having to leave her daughter to return to work. – Sharon H

This book is very special to kids who are learning about love.  With Me Always is so beautiful and sweet! – Joslyn

With Me Always is “phenomenal”.  I have 5 children and my son is quadriplegic. We will read it often, thank you. – Anonymous

Phyllis Hall has inspired me to believe in my gut feelings…to live my life to its fullest and to love and cherish those who are true and dear. –  Bonnie B

I bought With Me Always because I love Angels. –  Becky

I am giving the With Me Always storybook to a nurse that helped my daughter when she lost a child to heart disease. – Deborah H

I own three retail shops and am completely fascinated by my new Angelheart necklace, the With Me Always storybook, and the CD! –  Mary J

I bought With Me Always for my sister for Mother’s Day, to help her through her cancer treatment.  Thank you!!! – Emily P

I purchased this book for my grand daughter, who’s two, that I love dearly. -Anonymous

I’m a nanny of two little girls and they always ask me to read  this book to them at bedtime.  Their mom it for bought for them at the Village Faire in Carlsbad and they really love it!  I liked it so much that I ordered one to send to my family back home, to remind them we are connected through our love. – Betty R

With Me Always is a great learning tool for my daughter! – Nicole B

I bought the book for a 4-year-old boy who loved it. – Aida S

I bought With Me Always for my beautiful daughter Leslie, to share with her boys! – Ann K

The With Me Always storybook is an inspiration for family.  I bought 4 books so that I could send one to each of my brothers and sister for Christmas.  I want us to spend more time together and will write a note inside of each book. – Scott R