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Best Mothers Day Gifts

Give a Symbol of Your Love on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift she will treasure always. The Angelheart® birthstone necklace, with its heartwarming message of unconditional love, is the perfect way to tell her how much she means to you, and to remind her that you will always celebrate, cherish and remember the love she planted deep in your heart.

This exquisite necklace is perfect for Mother’s Day, because it can be customized to include multiple Angelhearts®, each set with the birthstone of a loved one. Individual pendants are easily added, simply by placing a bead between each symbol—so the colorful family of Angelhearts® your mother wears proudly around her neck can grow with the arrival of every new child or grandchild. (Visit our Angelheart® customizer on the SHOP page to see what your mother’s birthstone necklace will look like.)


“As a mother and a woman of faith, I know that our children are blessings from our Father God. They are here for us to care for in life, and to love for all time. Distance, time, separation, loss—none of these can diminish the love we have for them. This is the inspiration behind the Angelheart® Symbol of Love. It’s meant to be an outward expression of the bond we have with those we love, no matter where they are or what circumstances might separate us. I hope you’ll share and wear the Angelheart® Symbol of Love, and when you do, I hope it brings you comfort, peace, pride and joy.” —Phyllis Hall

Changing Our World Through Love

Proceeds from Angelheart® sales go to support a variety of bereavement programs and loving services, including Kids for Peace GlobalLifeSharingThe Mitchell Thorp Foundation. Visit the list of charitable organizations supported by With Me Always®, and watch as the list grows in the future.