All Angelhearts are packaged in a silver organza bag along with an original poem.

Angelheart Story

How the Angelheart® symbol of love was born.

The With Me Always® Angelheart® Jewelry Collection had its beginnings in a mother’s tragic loss when Phyllis Hall’s two sons were killed in an automobile incident in 1993.


Phyllis Hall - Founder

Phyllis Hall - Founder

Grief-stricken and struggling with despair, she searched for a meaningful way to express the overwhelming love she still carried in her heart. It was the power of that love that inspired Phyllis to create the Angelheart® design—a simple outline of an angel with heart-shaped wings that captured the enduring connection she felt with her sons. Through this unique symbol of love, she finally found the comfort she sought.


Phyllis asked a local jeweler to craft a necklace from her design. On the first day she wore it, another customer took notice of the exquisite jewelry and bought one for herself. From those first seeds of love, a business grew. Phyllis patented and trademarked the Angelheart® symbol, and contracted with the jeweler to make more necklaces. Word spread, and Phyllis soon discovered that others who wore the With Me Alway® Angelheart® jewelry experienced the same powerful feelings of warmth and connection to their loved ones as she did.

Over the years, the Angelheart® symbol has become an eloquent expression of love that transcends time, distance, and separation.

Parents give them to their children. Sons and daughters buy them for their mothers and fathers. Service members gift them to their loved ones, and friends use them to express the special bond they have for each other. Regardless of circumstance, people everywhere celebrate the ones they love by sharing and wearing the Angelheart®  Symbol of Love. The With Me Always Angelheart® Jewelry Collection is a way for people everywhere to celebrate the ones they love.  

One night, several years after I lost my sons, I realized the love we share will connect us for all time. In that moment, a simple “heart and angel” design came to me, and I understood it was meant to be a symbol for people everywhere who, like me, are bonded by love. I named this symbol Angelheart®; it is what I called my oldest son.

Phyllis encloses an original poem with each piece of her jewelry. Her company, Mothers of Angels, DBA With Me Always, is based in Carlsbad, California. Through her business, she supports bereavement programs and other charities.

“You’re in my heart”
Philippians 1:7